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2000 – 2020 Happy Birthday Damast

That of the #doccetteria is a long love story, born from the beginning in Invorio (Novara) with a proposal of 6 ups and downs up to today with the “Ozio Creativo” poster which summarizes the products / icons of a catalog of about 6000 combinations of shower items. Music, Literature, Sculpture, Visual Arts and Painting have inspired the production of the Novara-based company in recent years, and were the leitmotif of the evening which involved employees, customers and journalists in the Metroquality Space in Via Solferino, the heart of Milanese design.  

Love and passion: two recurring terms in Concetta Mastrolia‘s words that represent the fundamental ingredients of Damast’s first 20 years, components that determined its birth, growth, success. Showerheads and latches; wall panels and shower columns; hand showers and shut-offs … Damast has been offering the market innovative “tailored” products for 20 years that have given body and meaning to a real shower culture as a pure moment of well-being, without forgetting the environment and water saving.

“Passion comes from love” – declares the CEO of DAMAST“love continues to feed itself over time, it does not vanish, it represents a virtuous circle that has involved all the people around us, from collaborators to partners, from customers to employees. Love does not make you feel fear but nourishes courage

Concetta Mastrolia continues: “We owe a sincere thanks to those who chose to participate in the event, both in presence and remotely. Despite the difficulties of the moment, we have chosen to celebrate our 20 years of activity because it is an important milestone. Even if they do not appear many on paper, they are the testimony of a very precise vision that we had from the beginning and has allowed us to get here today, finding its synthesis in Ozio Creativo – (Creative Leasure)”

At the Metroquality space in Via Solferino 24 in Milan Damast has in fact chosen to celebrate the 20 years of its foundation with its manifesto, OZIO CREATIVO, a catalog-manifesto that sees the light to celebrate the iconic products that have characterized the history of company in the presence of employees, journalists and customers, both in presence and connected in streaming. 

The Marketing Manager Giuseppe Reale presents it “We are young – it is true – but with the desire to attack the market and our new editorial project Ozio Creativo is an expression and summa of our showers proposal, but also a starting point to look to the future from protagonists of #doccetteria. Why this name? In its positive interpretation, idleness has been, since the times of the Greeks and Romans, the moment in which to stop without being completely blocked: the body – perhaps – does not move but the intellect is active, travels and produces art, music, literature. The desire to put art at the center of our event is born from the desire not to stop and to continue to get involved by creating, combining five different artistic forms as many products. ” 

MUSIC was chosen, and it was combined with the Elegance Shower Kit in rose gold, the most glamorous finish of the moment. Music is a composition of notes with which the harmony heralds of emotions is generated, just as Damast showers are capable of transmitting different sensations and emotions every time, thanks to the possibility of customization in various colors and combinations.

This is followed by the LITERATURE that has been combined with Concept One and Concept Two, products with which Damast has rewritten the shower rail, stripping it of everything and bringing it as close to the wall as possible: a minimalist, essential, clean and elegant line, completely new and different from the other ups and downs on the market.

The Eva outdoor shower column was instead associated with SCULPTURE. The imposing charm of the shape and material – satin or polished stainless steel – and the works of The Bounty Kill Art, artists particularly sensitive to the theme of pollution and waste, of which the company is a champion with steel, ecological material, resistant and practically eternal.

Regarding PHOTOGRAPHY and VISUAL ARTS the association was with the style of the artist-photographer Maurizio Galimberti works – 9 pieces that interpret the world of doccetteria – futuristic matrix. What more suitable product to match if not Chronos, the futuristic concept of the shower panel, which has been stripped from the taps to become a digital viewer? With elegant lines, Chronos is a shower panel that can be defined as severe: thanks to its technology it allows us to control the water with a touch, because the type of jet, temperature and duration of the shower can be set, which also avoid unnecessary waste of water. ‘water.  

Finally PAINTING, combined with the Marlena shower column, refined in its satin black version. Colors have always been very important for all Damast showers because they are at the service of the products and make them special, adaptable to any need and any style.

Five stages, five arts, five symbolic products that summarize the path and trace the identity of the company.

Mastrolia concludes “Ozio Creativo was an impulse, a push that in 2019 led us to act without yet knowing what would have happened: let’s not stop, idleness is creative, it merges with the pleasure of working. When everything blends perfectly, when there is no distinction between pleasure and work, when you love what you do: this is creative and intellectual idleness”

A path that leaves room for reflection, a journey to discover not only the products, but also and above all to discover the values that inspired them.

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