From the light and practical sliding rail equipped with soap holder shelves to the most technological shower panels with touch screens to set the temperature and quantity of water; from minimal columns to wall and ceiling shower heads; from hand showers with easy clean devices to majestic stainless steel columns for outdoor use. There are over 1000 combinations of the Damast #doccetteria, protagonists in the hotel room. Efficient and performing products capable of making a difference precisely in the hospitality sector, where the quality of supplies is essential to withstand the multiple stresses.


Discover the best solutions for the bathroom of your hotel


What should work in a hotel? The shower! It might seem even an obvious consideration, however paying close attention to the two most important aspects of hospitality – the quality of sleep with the mattress and the shower – is not always so obvious. A hotel cannot ignore quality products such as those from Damast #doccetteria because this means not only being able to offer its guests full and intense jets of water for safe well-being, above all investing in sustainability. Conscious purchases represent the first concrete action in favor of safeguarding the planet, the first step to avoid the heaviest costs of industrial civilization, those of waste disposal that grow out of all proportion with disposable products.


Discover the best solutions for the bathroom of your hotel

The wall-mounted shower heads, together with those on the ceiling, optimize the space in the shower environment.

A special shelf, Lettering.


Beautiful, resistant and technological, the Damast #doccetteria showers are ideal when combined with high-resistance anti-torsion hoses, in sliding kits or with columns. These are products equipped with the most effective devices that optimize water consumption, avoiding unnecessary waste. They represent an added value for the bathrooms of the most scenic or small hotels, thanks also to the wide range of coordinated accessories. With over 4000 references in stock, Damast has focused its attention on all the components of the shower and guarantees an accurate assistance service.


Discover the best solutions for the bathroom of your hotel

The advice of an expert is always an added value: this shower head hides a secret …

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Shower seats are not only aids for disabilities but practical solutions after a session in the gym or for… a comfortable waxing!


Damast qualifies the production and marketing of its catalog products thanks to the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, synonymous with organization and efficiency. A commitment that involves compliance with procedures and protocols according to precise rules which translates into a guarantee of excellence and seriousness for its customers.