The company was founded in 2000 and through continuous research and development, human resources management and a quality-oriented production, grew up achieving a day by day increased customer satisfaction.

Damast has evolved becoming a company whose values ​​are strictly connected to the tradition and desire to provide tailor-made solutions.

The items in our catalog can be combined to suit your needs.

A plus that we give to our customer. The ability to mix our products increases your creativity.

Not customers but partners, not employees, but staff: synthesis of Damast philosophy.

Customer satisfaction and a relaxed and collaborative working environment are two essential parts of the Damast world. We believe that only a comparison and an ongoing dialogue between these realities can ease business growth and guarantee the welfare of business ethics.

Our company is based on people and the valuable contribution that each component has to offer increasing the value of “human resources”.

Satisfy the demands of a customer means to understand customer needs, guide him through the buying process and suggest the product for his specific needs.

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