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Art press “Artisti Idealisti”

The exhibition “idealistic artists” was inaugurated by Stefano Pizzi, Antonio Spanedda and Federica Mingozzi, on Sunday 16th July in the historic districts, as part of the 47th Alpàa Festival,The idealist artists project aims to lay the foundations for a new artistic current.

The ACC cultural association, in collaboration with Prof. Stefano Pizzi and Prof. Federica Mingozzi, presented a series of well-known authors who still believe idealistically in art and above all that it has a social function and a destination not only domestic, but public and within everyone’s reach.

The works on large paper format were created specifically for the Varallese exhibition, located in the IOTIAMO lounge, in via Pio Alberganti. Damast invites you to the exhibition, which will be open to the public until August 30th.

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