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Cersaie News 2019: Concept One


Concept One is the new flush-to-wall ups and downs by Damast, an integrated system with reduced dimensions, with hand shower, flexible and sliding combined. A revolution for the bathroom, which already starts from its name: Concept One embodies the essence of design inside the shower cubicle or a walk-in and presents itself as a functional and practical response to the different needs of space and well-being. 
A novelty from the Novara company specialized in #doccetteria, Concept One will be previewed at Cersaie 2019 in Bologna. At Stand A41 – Pav. 30 it will be possible to learn more about the functionality and features of a product that stands in an innovative way for its versatility and its approach to simple installation.

Concept One is in fact composed of a small rectangular vertical rod (width 48 x 800 x 21 mm), which is applied directly to the wall and does not clutter in depth. It does not require invasive interventions on the ceramic (it is fixed with two screws) and is ideal for both new installations and renovations, covering pre-existing holes.

In mirror-finished stainless steel, the flush with the wall ups and downs can be combined with different types of hand showers with round or square lines and different types of hoses with variable lengths from 150 to 200 cm, in chromed brass, stainless steel or PVC, with traditional double seaming or monofilament spiral. Even the hoses have various finishes: from chromed to gold, bronze, copper up to metallic gray, black and white. 

Its versatility allows the user to combine it according to their taste, or to choose between the models proposed by Damast: with Piuma hand shower, round anti-limescale single-jet in chromed ABS with white disc; Nadal Q, square single-jet anti-limescale shower in chromed ABS with gray disc and equipped with Water Saving and Air System technologies and Pixel, rectangular single-jet anti-limescale shower in chromed brass. The hand shower is adjustable in height thanks to the sliding specially designed interlocking and equipped with an articulated support to direct the water jet and facilitate the grip.

Concept One minimizes its presence inside the bathroom with extreme elegance, a reinterpretation in a “less is more” key that underlines its value. With an almost “retractable” effect given by the reduced depth of the rod, it leaves ample space available inside the shower cubicle, always without sacrificing promoting well-being and comfort. Ergonomics and practicality within everyone’s reach: the adjustable height of the hand shower allows the use of every type of user and every age group.

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