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Damast in dynamic advert in Milan


Energetic and powerful. Relaxing and massaging. The disruptive waterfall that Damast proposes is so inviting as to capture the attention of those who, on the shelter waiting for the last transfer of the evening, are already projected towards home, in the shower … This is the concept of the dynamic campaign with which the Piedmontese company, excellence of the most important Italian district of Sanitary Taps, lands in Milan to be on air simultaneously on 41 Digital Canopies.

Damast gives a foretaste of the atmosphere of the Salone del Bagno with a 10″ video that illustrates an overwhelming waterfall of well-being, on which the company logo materializes, accompanied by the new evocative pay-off “SHOWERS”. The video, on air 24h / 24h is proposed to guard the business areas and in strategic areas for shopping and leisure.

“We continue our path of promoting the culture of the shower – says Concetta Mastrolia, CEO of Damast – choosing a very direct means of communication, which resembles us. The visual intuitively translates the disruptive passion that has always fueled our daily work, combined with that of personal well-being, a natural consequence of the advantages that only a product conceived and manufactured with care can offer”.

In this campaign – the first of a series that will accompany Damast in the main Italian cities during the year – the product has been deliberately concealed: no shower heads, ups and downs or showers are visible in the video. This will invite you to deepen your knowledge of the brand by visiting the website or by contacting the best Show Rooms in the sector.

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