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Damast is partner of @theseacleaners

Always sensitive to the environment, Damast is the first Italian company to support @theseacleaners, a project created in 2016 by the French-Swiss skipper Yvan Bourgnon dedicated to the long-term conservation of the oceans and the reduction of marine plastic pollution, through both at sea and on land.

Damast declares

Concetta Mastrolia, CEO of Damast declares “The commitment of @seacleners marries our company philosophy, the bond we have with the environment and what we put in place to protect it. We are profound connoisseurs of plastics and the importance they cover as ideal materials for their many industrial uses. We know that it is not their use that has an impact on the ecosystem but man’s negligence in dispersing them in Nature “

Giuseppe Reale, sales and marketing manager of the Novara company echoes him “The study of materials is an integral part of our commitment to protecting the environment: a good product that lasts over time does not create ‘garbage’. We are proud to be the first in Italy to support this important three-year project that will lead to the launch of the Manta factory ship, a futuristic floating laboratory capable of collecting, processing and recovering large quantities of plastic waste before it fragments and enters the ecosystem. marine”

Four objectives

Observer Member of the United Nations Environment Agency, and supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, @seacleaners is an NGO with four objectives:

Collect floating plastic waste in high concentration areas before they sink or decompose into microplastics;

Contribute to scientific knowledge through research and the sharing of open data;

Alleviate the problem at source through public education and awareness initiatives and carry out waste collection operations with teams of volunteers;

Support the transition to a circular economy by developing and demonstrating innovative and environmentally friendly technological solutions.

The iconic project of SeaCleaners is the MANTA, a gigantic catamaran destined for launch in 2025. Its biomimetic design, innovative hybrid propulsion system and power supply from renewable energy sources will allow it to operate 75% of the time autonomously, without using fossil fuels, with minimal environmental impact.

Awareness and scientific research, naval engineering and innovation: this is how Damast together with the team of professionals takes the field to make a concrete contribution to protecting the environment.

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