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MAFALDA pet shower: perfect gift for Christmas!

The total experience of the Damast #doccetteria presents an absolute novelty in the pet world: a comfortable, practical and universal attachment ‘brush shower’ that allows you to take care of your pet even at home, in your bathtub. Three functions for a single goal: without interrupting the flow of water, massage, cleanse and detangle your best friend’s hair.

It’s called MAFALDA and it’s a tribute to its designer Quino, who recently passed away. Just like her, it is revolutionary because it has lines similar to traditional hand showers for domestic use but is equipped with a simple mechanism that allows you to get out and fall everything you need to transform it from a shower into a brush, without interrupting the flow of water.

MAFALDA: functions
MAFALDA is equipped with three functions that perform a single task: massage, cleanse and untangle the hair of your pet. The shower turns into a brush thanks to the simple rotation of a special device placed next to the ring, while the back also houses a useful file to complete the grooming.

The jet of water is continuous and comes out of the special ring equipped with anti-limescale nozzles both in rest mode and with the teeth exposed in ‘brush‘ mode.

MAFALDA: technical features
Practical and robust, the MAFALDA pet shower is extremely handy and light because it is made of chromed ABS plastic. It may seem “stocky” but it is wide enough to allow a secure grip.

Its ergonomic handle is equipped with vertical channeling that guarantees easy restraint even with wet and soapy hands.

Thanks to the easy install system with universal 1/2M inch connection, MAFALDA is therefore applicable, by screwing / unscrewing, to any hose that the showers or tubs of all bathrooms are equipped with. We recommend combining it with our flexible Satilux, practical and hygienic, made of anti-twist PVC and available in 3 lengths: 150mm; 175mm; 200mm

MAFALDA: sale and price
Can you find MAFALDA on the website www.showerland.it at special price E 19,90.

Christmas is the best time to spend time with the family, not only with our loved ones, but also with our four-legged friends who give us moments of happiness and leisure every day. What better opportunity to let them find under the Mafalda tree, the innovative and revolutionary shower of the #doccetteria of Damast, to witness the affection we feel towards them?

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