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Chronos shower panel with lcd display


The expression of this mission is Chronos, an aluminum shower panel in a black and white finish (width 246 mm and height 1502 mm), the latest addition to the Damast panel family. The peculiarity of this product is the mixer, which has taken off the traditional mechanical and thermostatic garments to become digital. Through a touch screen device and a circular selector it is therefore possible to choose the type of jet and at the same time adjust the flow and temperature of the water.

All controlled by the LCD display which in the body of the panel has a series of electromechanical valves that open and close according to the requests sent by the touch.

To work, the device needs a current point but at the same time it can accommodate four rechargeable batteries, so that it can still continue to supply water even in the event of a blackout. Focus on sustainability as always.

Chronos, the name suggests, is equipped with a timer to program and monitor the minutes of shower duration: at the end of the programmed time, the automatic switch-off is triggered. The mother who wants to educate her child to a responsible use of water resources will be able to program a predetermined time with a touch and so a simple habit can be transformed, for adults and children, into a more conscious and sustainable gesture.

Finally, Chronos, just like its highly appreciated predecessors of the range (Crio, Ermes and Eos), due to its conformation and characteristics is particularly suitable for use in the event of renovations, allowing to avoid masonry interventions and covering, where present, holes and existing water outlets. Damast pays attention to the easy install philosophy which translates into the study of simple and concrete solutions to facilitate the work of the installers as much as possible and arrive at a final result that is optimal. For this Chronos is supported only by two brackets positioned on the wall, while the two hoses are connected to the water outlets.

The Chronos shower panel is equipped with touch control technology: a digital mixer regulates the flow, temperature, selection of jets and the water outlet time. It is complete with a 280×280 mm square anti-limescale single jet Lilo hand shower in chromed ABS and a practical 1500 mm long anti-torsion hose in white opaque PVC. It is made of aluminum, with a white or black finish.

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