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RELAX is the ultra-thin and green shower head that enjoys the Water Bonus

The total experience of the Damast #doccetteria supports the green philosophy of the company, promoter of water saving with the line of RELAX shower heads equipped with flow reducer: with a consumption lower than indicated in the water bonus, it enjoys the incentives provided by the government.

Ultra-thin, promoter of well-being, attentive to water saving. The list of advantages could go on but it is enough to mention the Relax shower head by Damast to represent the “green” philosophy. The total experience of the #doccetteria offers environmentally friendly products thanks to technologies and devices able to guarantee water savings.

The RELAX range is among these, shower heads that in just 2 mm thick combine minimalist lines with the use of flow reducing valves, to contain water expenditure. These valves register the flow at any pressure so as not to consume more than 6 liters per minute, even 3 less than indicated in the legislation, and for this reason they enjoy the incentive contained in the Water Bonus indicated by the Government.

Green products that also follow design trends: RELAX is proposed in mirror-polished stainless steel, an ecological material, always current and multifaceted to meet every need and style inside the bathroom.

The versatility of RELAX allows you to choose from 11 variants in terms of shape and size. The shower head is available in round format with a diameter of 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 mm; in the square format of dimensions 150×150, 200×200, 250×250, 300×300, 400×400 mm and finally in the rectangular format 300×200 mm. Depending on the size, the shower heads have from a minimum of 64 to a maximum of 216 holes equipped with flexible silicone nozzles and Easy Clean technology for the removal of limescale with a simple rubbing of the fingers of the hand. These features enhance and make possible the combinations of RELAX in the column sets and customized compositions. 

Different sizes but products that share the same philosophy: to consciously use the water resource – as precious as it is increasingly limited – without ever losing sight of the well-being guaranteed by the shower. This is the commitment made by Damast towards the dissemination of a culture of sustainability that for the company means first and foremost preferring quality products. In fact, conscious purchasing is the first concrete action in favor of safeguarding the planet, the first step to avoid the most expensive costs of industrial civilization, those of waste disposal that inevitably grow dramatically with disposable products.

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