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Water Saving shower column set and Air System by Damast


#doccetteria (showerland): a concept that encompasses a world, a vision, a small revolution made of well-being and eco-sustainability. This revolution for Damast starts from the bathroom, precisely from the shower. For almost twenty years, the company has focused on research and innovation to offer customers a perfect combination of comfort and attention to the environment: it’s possible also through shower column set with shower head and hand shower with Water Saving and Air System technology.

An indispensable but limited good, water is increasingly scarce on the planet: a challenge that Damast has taken up by committing itself to responsible use and promotion of the culture of the shower, a green habit par excellence. If in fact for a five-minute shower on average you need 60 liters of water, the bathroom requires three times. Just by choosing the shower you get a saving of about 1,200 liters of water per year per person. 

Damast wanted to do more, with products resulting from studies and innovative systems that allow you to have an effective jet, but going to reduce consumption.

Water Saving (Flow reducing valve inside, for water savings of up to 40%) and Air System (air injection, which by mixing water and air reduces consumption, equally ensuring full-bodied, light, soft drops and a foaming jet).  

For Damast the attention to eco-sustainability is transversal, the examples are many and linked by a long and resistant green thread, without ever sacrificing beauty and comfort for everyone. Essential elements of #doccetteria. 

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