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The shower head is the most important component of the shower because it allows to distribute the flow of water with different modes of jets, thanks to the arrangement of the nozzles which are small holes protected by soft silicone, arranged according to a geometric order and in a quantity suited to its size. .

It can have different shapes and sizes: round, square, rectangular, oval or it can also be made to measure from a steel plate.

It can be installed on the wall or on the ceiling when equipped with a wall arm with articulated support, or it can be recessed into the ceiling.

The shower heads offer various types of jets: rain, cascade, nebulized and these functions depend on the size and shape of the slots on the surface of the shower head, from which the water jet comes out. The shower head can also have advanced functions that are typical of the world of well-being, such as chromotherapy.

The shower heads are available in two types of materials. They can be made of brass or stainless steel, and they can be chromed (glossy gray) or colored, thanks to an immersion treatment in galvanic baths: black is a very popular version today.

The market today also requires versions with a special finish, the result of surface treatments such as polishing or brushing.

The most technologically advanced shower heads can offer chromotherapy benefits because they are equipped with devices and mechanisms that offer colored lighting effects. Some even pair devices with the ability to distribute music.

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Shower heads

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