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VIAGGIO IN ITALIA, the new Damast General Catalogue

Travelling is like dreaming:
The difference is that not everyone, when they wake up, remembers something,
while everyone keeps warm the memory of the goal from which he returned.

(Edgar Allan Poe

The new Damast General Catalogue 2021 is in force, after being anticipated to the sales force in the digital version at the usual strategic presentation meeting.

It presents the #doccetteria of Damast through 250 pages full of the most complete shower solutions and is translated into 4 languages including, for the first time, those destined to conquer new markets such as Russian and Arabic, in addition to Italian and English.

There are more than 4000 combinations for the shower: from light and practical ups and downs equipped with soap shelves to the most technological shower panels; from minimal columns to wall and ceiling shower heads; From hand showers with Easy Clean devices to the majestic stainless steel columns for outdoor use, up to the shower brush for pets, an absolute novelty for 2021 destined for the PET market.

Among the first pages stands out the declaration of intent of the company, increasingly sensitive to water and energy saving. In the new General Catalogue each product expresses the water consumption per minute at 3 Bar pressure, while in the presence of a flow regulator the maximum flow rate is declared, limited to that indicated by the regulator itself.

It collects the notes of a trip to Italy full of suggestions, between cultures, arts and lifestyles. “We thought of it as an itinerary, where you start with a destination and maybe you land on others”, says CEO Concetta Mastrolia. “It is a catalogue open to suggestions and program changes. The variety of products and the possibility of customization, in fact, help our customers to range and take the time to reflect, to choose and even to change their minds, because the spaces of mental freedom of the buyer must be safeguarded”

Beautiful to browse and read, embellished by the choice of a spectacular mirror cover, the Catalog offers various levels of reading and experience.

“Today we are used to everything and immediately – continues Concetta Mastrolia – and it’s a shame, you have to have more patience and also the freedom to change your mind several times before making a final decision.”

In the Catalogue the dialogue between the shapes enhances the materials and embellishes the finishes: square, rectangular or round up to the most massive or very light, or ultra-flat. From traditional chrome-plated brass to practical and eternal stainless steel, from handy and lightweight ABS to rose gold or brushed black finishes, the collections are also presented through evocative bathroom environments with great personality, capable of restoring the sensations of a perfect shower in any place and at any time.

“Things that happen are always opportunities” is sure Concetta Mastrolia “The limitation of mobility, such as trips abroad useful for work and to capture international trends, will continue for a while. So, while waiting for normalized physical movements, we are committed to giving our best with a narrative set in our country”

As usual, the General Catalogue is presented as a valuable working tool, both in paper version and downloadable online from the website damast.it

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