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A shower of colors with the black shower kit by Damast


The therapeutic power of the shower is now proven. For a relaxing break, for a revitalizing action and to relieve everyday stress, the shower has become the perfect “place” to reconcile body and soul. 

Damast knows this well, which is why it has embarked on a path aimed at making the shower a living space in all respects, complete with multisensory functions to ensure absolute comfort. Color in all this assumes a dominant role, both as a complement to the beneficial action of water, and as a finish to be harmonized in the context of the bathroom. 

To ensure a pleasant “SPA effect” at home, always with an eye to design, Damast offers the black shower kit with an attractive matt black finish, complete with hand shower and shower head with anodized aluminum chromotherapy, which cyclically radiates different lights with the flow of water: blue, green, red or in the version with fixed white light.

The Altea shower head, with its original bell cover, is the result of the concept and internal study of the Damast Style Center and is made according to manual and non-industrial manufacturing processes, able to enhance its shapes and characteristics and to make each piece unique and exclusive.

The Nadal 1 Black hand shower is also proposed in the kit with matt black finish, to emphasize how, even in the bathroom, you can play with colors to create a unique style.

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