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CRIO shower column: regenerate at home as a SPA


Sculptural design lines meet the comfort of a beneficial waterfall with CRIO, the built-in shower column by Damast designed to promote absolute well-being, at home as in a SPA.

With an attractive aesthetic, CRIO is able to adapt to young and gritty metropolitan environments but also to sophisticated and elegant bathrooms, proposing itself not only for aesthetics, but also as an intelligent technical solution, both for first installations and for renovation.

CRIO consists of a single block that can be easily installed on the wall, which arches to become a shower head and is easily applied to the walls. Available in AISI 304 steel in mirror chrome finish, matt black and matt white, it offers full and intense castings thanks to advanced technology. 

The water jet guarantees a pleasant massage effect not only from above thanks to the geometric shower head 20 mm thick (its unusual rectangular shape has dimensions 555 x 150 x 20 mm), also front at bust height with two built-in blocks of 50 anti-limescale nozzles each. To complete, the practical solution of a hand shower hooked to the column – anti-limescale and deliberately proposed in the glossy finish also in combination with the black and white totems, for a pleasant contrast of tones – as well as mixer and diverter that regulate the opening and closing of the flows.

A unique style, designed to combine the functionality and well-being promoted by the shower column, a strong visual impact that supports a technologically advanced system able to perfectly characterize the wellness area. 

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