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Damast #Doccetteria at S.I.A. Guest 2022

Damast, a company specialized in hand showers, shower heads, sliding rails, shower panels, meets the hospitality sector. Because promoting the pleasure of the shower for the guest is important also in a hotel room and in a SPA.

Damast, company specialized in a #doccetteria for twenty years, will be exhibiting at SIA Hospitality Design, the only trade show in Italy dedicated exclusively to the hospitality industry, from 12th to 14th of October 2022, in Rimini Expo Centre Italy.

From the traditional hand showers to the minimal ones, up to the new save spacing solutions; traditional shower heads and ceiling shower heads; shower panels, a single solution offers advanced functionality and different type of jets; outdoor shower columns and a wide choice of shower accessories, the proposals are aimed to every user without age limit and physical condition.

The company’s proposal includes concrete solutions for the bathroom of hotels and, more generally, all accommodation facilities that make hospitality their added value: hotel chains, apartments, bed & breakfasts, residences, resorts, and wellness centers.

The attention will be dedicated to two shower solutions which help the designer to enhances the bathroom.


The LYBRA SHOWER ARM is different from the standard ones because it develops in height rather than simply reaching outwards. Its elegant and flat shape rises at a 90° and has development of about 15 cm in order to allow the water supply point to be raised without masonry work.

It’s useful in the case of hotel renovations if the water outlet is lower than the standard.

Damast proposes the single item or kit suggested, the shower arm can be combined with VENERE, RELAX and DELFINO round shower heads (with a diameter of 20 x 10 mm) and SATURNO, RELAX and PETALO squares shower heads (measures 200x200x8 mm) and all sets can be completed with round and square built-in mixers.


Small footprint, ergonomics and functionality are the keywords that differentiate CONCEPT, a real integrated system born from a flat rectangular rod, designed to offer minimum space between the wall and the rod, almost disappeared, and whose height can be customized in case of special needs.

The squared line governs its design: every detail assumes a precise function and the rod of the CONCEPT TWO column increases in size only in height – 1170 mm – while the 48 mm width and 21 mm depth are the same as the CONCEPT ONE sliding rail, also adjustable. It is equipped with an articulated support with magnetic attachment specially designed to interlock to allow movement and adjustment of the position of the hand shower on the rod.

CONCEPT TWO can be combined with any hand shower, such as the rectangular PIXEL, single jet in chromed brass, or the square NADAL Q, single jet in chromed ABS which is equipped with Water Saving and Air System technologies, as well as coordinated flexible and sliding support.

The CONCEPT TWO column is completed with a plug-in thermostatic mixer with built-in diverter to control the opening and closing of the water, the particularity of which is that it is flush with the wall like the column and also acts as a support shelf.

“We have always turned to the hospitality sector – says Concetta Mastrolia, CEO of Damast – to promote the importance of showering. We share with them the attention for the guest and we believe that the shower is a beneficial <cuddle>, which allows you to start or end the day in the best possible way: for this reason it should never be underestimated “. And again: “Making the customer find, inside a hotel room, high-performance systems and showers, full and advanced jets, beautiful products to look at and above all comfortable to use, allows us to satisfy that need that we all have: to feel good. , like at home, even when we are not at home “.

A concept, that of “home” as hospitality, which Damast itself will promote at SIA in order to “let the products speak” in a world of minimal and essential style well-being.

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