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EOS shower panel by Damast for the restructuring


The EOS shower panel expresses the world of Damast by proposing a new approach to renovation, simplifying the specialist’s intervention, avoiding masonry interventions and making the bathroom even richer.

EOS occupies an important place in the #doccetteria proposal of the Piedmontese company. Thanks to its dimensions – the depth is 4 cm and its width is 20 cm – specifically designed to integrate and be well proportioned inside the bathroom, it is ideal for renovation with a dual use: as a replacement for the bathtub, or as its complement.

If you decide to eliminate the bathtub in favor of box or walk-in box, EOS can be installed by covering the existing water intakes without having to intervene on the ceramic in an invasive way.  

In addition, the correctly sized height (140 cm, about 10 cm less than the standard), allows installation even above the bathtub, to create a functional composition with proportionate aesthetics.

The structure of EOS is made of mirror-polished stainless steel and is complete with mechanical mixer and diverter, incorporated into the panel itself.

It offers four different types of water jets: a practical single-jet hand shower with flexible anti-torsion; two series consisting of 90 nozzles in front position; a rain jet and a cascade jet at the tip. 

EOS shower panel is equipped with shower heads with flexible silicone nozzles equipped with Easy Clean device, to ensure easy removal of limescale deposits.

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