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Grab bars or ups and downs? The use is versatile.


“Looking beyond” means for Damast to offer products designed for simple and comfortable use, by every type of user and age group. The materials that the company uses – practical and manageable – contribute to achieving this goal, the different product lines proposed and also the accessories, an integral part of the Damate #doccetteria. 

The handles are among these and are proposed with a dual use. If in fact, by concept or preconception, they are often installed only with a support and support function in bathrooms reserved for elderly people and people with mobility difficulties, Damast recognizes their value and comfort of use also as an up and down set for shower cubicles or bathtubs, in combination with ultralight hand showers. 

Damast handles – made of stainless steel – are suitable for installation in private homes and in all places open to an audience of different ages. From recreational centers to aggregation centers, retirement homes, schools, sports facilities, swimming pools and gyms: every shower room can accommodate this product, defining its intended use according to the needs and spaces available.
Damast handles are available in different lengths (400, 600, 800, 1000 mm), in the classic tubular shape with rounded corners and also with L-shape. All variants have a seal of 150 kg and are securely fixed to the wall with three dowels per side. 

In the ups and downs version they are an integral part of a real set consisting of stainless steel handle (in different lengths and shapes available), anti-limescale hand shower in ABS – a very light and handy material – with one or more jets and a flexible with double seaming. Systems that lend themselves to use by everyone, even children and the elderly, who can slide the showers to adapt them to the right height and to use them independently, in complete safety.

The comfort of use is also manifested in the versatility of installation. The handles can be positioned vertically, horizontally and inclined or accompanied to the seats, another proposal of accessories that Damast recommends to increase the pleasant and beneficial effect of the shower.

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