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Maurizio Galimberti for #doccetteria Damast


Telling the product out of the often narrow schemes and the canonical standards of industrial photography, once again favoring the encounter between company and art, broadening horizons by bringing apparently distant worlds to dialogue in perfect harmony. This is the spirit that pushed Concetta Mastrolia, CEO of Damast with a strong propensity for contemporary art, to launch once again “the heart beyond the obstacle”, achieving an ambitious goal such as the collaboration with Maurizio Galimberti.

Internationally renowned photographer, Galimberti is known worldwide as an instant artist famous for his “photographic mosaics” that have from time to time as protagonists well-known faces of the show, city, architecture and details of reality. From the meeting with Damast nine black and white works were born (Fuji Instax Square SQ20) with the unmistakable technique in which the subject is decomposed into numerous shots, often corresponding to different perspectives, and expertly recomposed, tile after tile, in a multifaceted, deep, dynamic image capable of capturing the essence, the most intimate and significant part of the object, the person or the detail portrayed.

The result of this work for the company of Invorio has flowed into the exhibition “Maurizio Galimberti for Damast: intuition, emotion, art photography”. The protagonists of this fascinating operation could only be them, the elements of the #doccetteria Damast: shower heads and showers by hand, as they had never been photographed before, with a new eye, personal and imbued with artistic influences.

It is the author himself who tells how the works created for Damast are the result of a look at the industrial product contaminated by the history of modern art. “Mine is a very futuristic photograph, close to the rhythm of Umberto Boccioni and Marcel Duchamp. This artistic vision is combined with an operation of memory of the history of the German Bauhaus school of architecture, among the first to include industrial products in photography. So, making a mix between these cultures, my vision took shape through the use of Fuji Instanx Square cameras, a new technology of which I am a key ambassador.

A technique that allows us to go into detail, to get very close to the subject, without the need to use additional lights: a pure and direct photograph, written by natural light: these very dynamic images came out, close to a certain type of constructivism and therefore to a particular vision of reality”.

Nine works, as mentioned, not one more or one less, to tell the world of Damast: “It was a choice, I had received some other subject from the company but I felt that those best contained my vision on their product” explains the artist. A source of inspiration for Galimberti and key to understanding the subjects portrayed, the theme of water in its idea of lightness: “Water is actually heavy, just think that a cubic meter of water weighs a ton, but it conveys a sense of pleasantness and lightness. Here, in the photographs I tried to convey this idea of ‘light weight’ that water has when it flows over us. They are slender and agile photos, no heaviness, nor dark or lugubrious light: the subjects portrayed are something very useful and positive in the life of man”.

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