Melody is the shower head that plays music

Discovering the hi-tech products of the company specializing in #dressing, capable of mixing cutting-edge technologies, aesthetics and functionality at competitive prices.

Making the shower an enveloping sensory experience. This is the goal that Damast hits perfectly thanks to a sophisticated but accessible range of hi-tech products that can be combined with each other for a regenerating journey to discover the senses.

Among the products of the Damast world, one could not fail to foresee a pleasant stage in the dimension of sound thanks to Melody, the shower head for those who do not want to give up their favorite background while the water slides on their skin, consecrating the timeless combination of shower and music.

Melody, made of ABS with a white / chrome finish and equipped with soft Easy Clean silicone anti-limescale nozzles, is able, thanks to bluetooth technology, to play audio files from smartphones, tablets or any sound source available within range of the device.

A technology that is always usable and not limited to the confines of the shower box: choosing a Melody shower head actually means bringing home a small and practical bluetooth speaker that can accompany us everywhere: the speaker, totally waterproof, can in fact be easily removed from the housing only to be recharged via USB plug, but to follow us in every environment.

And the price also “sounds” good: an absolutely competitive cost for a “Hi-end” product: Euro 140.00 including VAT. Find Damast in the best bathroom furniture showrooms.

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