TESEO shower head: three jets with… nebulization!

TESEO is a multi-jet wall-mounted shower head with a regenerating and relaxing function: nebulization. Solid and powerful – but extremely practical and functional – TESEO is able to recreate a healthy and emotional shower and to bring the effects of treatments in wellness centers and SPAs into the domestic bathrooms.

Nebulization is a jet of water that offers a “fog effect“, releasing thousands of water droplets to give a beneficial effect to the body, both “refreshing” and “warming it”. At the base of this function there is a philosophy green and with the 360° attention to our health: the nebulization does not waste water, does not waste shower gel, does not dry or annoy the skin but offers a pleasant experience, transforming the atmosphere in the shower in a moment of pure relaxation.

It is possible to install it in place of a pre-existing shower head, which is why TESEO is the ideal solution for bathroom renovation and renovation.

This shower head, in fact, transforms an old single-jet or two-way system into an “all in one” shower which, in a single design solution, contains the pleasure of three jets of water. It is thus possible to take a shower by choosing the desired jet simply by selecting it with the button diverter located under the base of the panel.

The structure of TESEO is compact and composed of a panel (thickness 60 mm) which is applied directly to the wall, covering any pre-existing holes in the event of renovation. The panel arches up to become a triple jet shower head: cascade with massaging effect; traditional with rain and nebulized spray to refresh or warm the body, for a moment of pure well-being. 

TESEO is in mirror polished stainless steel and has dimensions of 555 mm in length by 300 mm in height and 40 mm in thickness. The shower head has 140 holes protected by flexible silicone nozzles equipped with an Easy Clean device, to ensure easy removal of limescale deposits.

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