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PIUMA, MILLA, CASCADE: one, three or five jets hand showers

Investing in sustainability means choosing quality products.

Damast promotes the culture of conscious purchasing: it’s the first concrete action in order to safe the planet.

Damast’s hand showers could make difference, because they are technical and beautiful, with an attention for no waste and water consumption.

Piuma, Milla and Cascade by Damast

The most essential is PIUMA, a round and extra flat single jet hand shower, made of chromed ABS, a special plastic polymer. Elegant and very light, it releases an intense rain jet from its 12 cm diameter white bezel.

MILLA is also in chromed ABS and offers three different jet types, to be set using a selector located on the edge of the 14 cm diameter ring. Relaxing in the rain, more intense and massaging or invigorating thanks to the dense water coming out only in the center of the hand shower: everyone has their own choice!

Last but not least, CASCADE, a real must of the Damast proposal. Science tells us that every square centimeter of our skin has about 130 tactile receptors: this hand shower, with an important and elegant 15.5 cm disc, does not neglect even one thanks to its five jets that can be mixed using a practical selector. The result? It makes relaxing, massaging and invigorating jet, without renouncing the possibility of decreasing the flow, for example to be able to lather, closing the mixer and losing the chosen temperature.

The incrustations can cause water waste

At the end, the company’s attention does not focus only on the type of water supply. The incrustations can cause very often water waste: the limestone layer also creates a physical barrier to the passage of water, it will increase consumption and dispersion. The nozzles equipped with silicone terminals and easy clean device are essential elements in order to remove limescale, as well as the eco-compatible gaskets: anti-limescale, anti-impact and anti-abrasive.

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