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Rugiada by Damast. Wellness and water saving

Water is a precious commodity and to promote its conscious use Damast has created Rugiada, the column set that allows you to enjoy all the pleasure of a regenerating jet in a completely eco-sustainable way. 

Rugiada is composed of the Airy shower with two jets selectable by lever and the Airy shower head with a diameter of 225 mm, two ABS dispensing devices, both equipped with Air-System technology that allows to reduce water consumption by 30% compared to traditional models.

The set is completed by the telescopic rod in chromed brass, swivel and extendable up to 130 cm, the 150 cm flexible tube with double seaming and the diverter that on request can be equipped with a blind round lower support or with flow graft.


Functional Shower Systems

Technical data

Airy anti-limescale shower head in chromed ABS diameter 225 mm
Airy shower hand in chromed ABS diameter 100 mm with 2 jets
Telescopic column 338 swivel in chrome-plated brass 931/1326 mm
Flexible hose 150 cm double seaming
Round diverter in chrome-plated brass

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