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Showering? For Christmas is a rose gold moment!

A seductive finish, able to bring a particular touch of refinement and glamour to the bathroom. Damast, always attentive to tastes and trends, offers within its #doccetteria the “rose gold”, the rose gold that with its elegance has over time become the undisputed protagonist in fashion and design. It is equipped with a flow reducer that fixes the flow of water at 7 liters per minute.

A trend that has its roots in the nineteenth century in Russia when the jeweler Carl Fabergé created an alloy of gold and copper to use it in his famous imperial eggs. Since then, romantic rose gold tones have been used for jewelry and accessories, but also in various other areas, from fashion to furniture. Today, even in the bathroom. 

A new timeless classic, therefore, not a passing fad. Thus, the continuous aesthetic research and attention to the world of design, translate for the Piedmontese company into an elegant and refined solution that finds perfect expression in the Elegance Kit on which the rosé finishes best express linear shapes and thin thicknesses.

The kit, available in brass in rose gold finish, consists of the Pegaso 35 shower arm (round, L 350 mm Ø 22 mm), the water intake with Lindos support and the brass hose 150 cm double seaming. To complete the kit the Planet hand shower with an attractive cylindrical design (round Ø 24 mm, equipped with easy clean, anti-limescale system for easy removal of deposits).

Finally, the thin and refined Soffione Venere 20 (round, Ø 200×8 mm, 95 holes, anti-limescale, inspectable). Thanks to a flow reducer, today it becomes sustainable because the water supply is set at 7 liters / minute, well below the indication up to 9 liters / minute required by law to take advantage of the Water Bonus provided by the Government.

And Damast’s attention as always is not only directed to aesthetics but to the quality and efficiency of its products. In all phases of realization, up to chrome plating and gold finish, the pieces undergo treatments that guarantee shine and resistance at the same time. For a beauty that is anything but ephemeral, but destined to last over time.

A solution of undisputed elegance that leaves room for particular color and material combinations of great effect, created to satisfy the most demanding, sophisticated and attentive to detail public but who never wants to give up the shower as a ritual of well-being and relaxation. Precious moment just like… gold. And Damast, who has been promoting the concept of #doccetteria for years in Italy and around the world, knows this well.

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