Since its creation in 2016, by a talented Franco-Swiss skipper, Yvan Bourgnon, the crew of The SeaCleaners has continued to grow in expertise and structure. Each in his or her own field brings to the project passion, commitment and determination act.

The NGO, an Observer Member of the United Nations Environment Agency, and supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, has four missions:
– To contribute to cleaning up the oceans and aquatic environments and to recycle plastic waste
– To understand plastic pollution, develop and widely disseminate scientific knowledge
– To sensitize and mobilize all publics in order to raise awareness and bring about lasting changes in behavior
– To ensure an optimal management of ocean waste and promote local dynamics in circular economy.

The SeaCleaners’s iconic project is the MANTA, a giant of the seas against pollution.

In June 2022, Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, has awarded the “Approval In Principle” to the pioneering vessel Le Manta – a major recognition for the giant of the seas, before its launch in 2025.

The Manta is a unique concentrate of innovations: its biomimetic design
The first factory boat to collect, process and recycle large quantities of plastics on board by its biomimetic design.

75% energy self-sufficiency.
Up to 10,000 tonnes of plastic collected per year.

The Manta will operate in areas of high concentration such as the mouths of large rivers, estuaries and in coastal waters.
It will also host scientific missions and awareness-raising operations.

Speaking of Yvan Bourgnon

A talented Franco-Swiss skipper, Yvan Bourgnon started sailing at the age of eight with his parents for a round-the-world voyage where he discovered the ocean that he would never leave.

Over the course of his career, Yvan has built up an impressive racing record in sports multihulls and also in offshore races on the most performing boats.

With his elder brother, Laurent Bourgnon, he won the Transat Jacques-Vabre in 1997.

Holder of several world records, he pushes sailing to the extreme by embarking on a series of unprecedented solo adventures on his uninhabitable catamaran, without instruments and without assistance, including a round-the-world race from 2013 to 2015 and the Northwest Passage linking Greenland to Alaska in 2017.

These exploits were unanimously acclaimed throughout the world.

Today, with The SeaCleaners, of which he is Chairman and Founder, he is taking on a new environmental challenge and wishes to develop an effective and concrete solution to combat plastic pollution in the seas: the Manta project.

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