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A past that fascinates: Damast Antique Shower Set


The charm of a contemporary bathroom but with a sophisticated “retro” taste, which refers to timeless atmospheres. More and more often attention to detail, classic lines and refinement blend with comfort and functionality, a “new vintage” that finds perfect expression in the exclusive “Antique Shower Set” by Damast, a real cameo in the rich treasure chest of #doccetteria proposals of the company. 

The shower set is in brass, perfect to recall the vintage style, and is available in chrome, bronze and gold finish, depending on whether you want to give your bathroom a retro effect more or less emphasized. It consists of a shower arm with a large shower head and a coordinated hand shower, which can be combined with the up and down rod or the water intake with wall support. 

To characterize the entire composition the characteristic rounded retro shapes. The wall-mounted shower arm, with its sinuous inverted U-shape, curves to end with the large round Antico shower head (Ø 303 mm) with very classic lines, equipped with 181 holes. 

The Antica hand shower can be provided both in the variant with Antica water intake, more essential, and in the version with up and down rod (Ø 18 mm). The single-jet hand shower has a typical rounded handle to facilitate gripping and is equipped with a 150 cm double seaming hose, even more resistant. 

The result is a style that brings back to the Twenties, a true cult in contemporary bathroom furniture trends. A solution of great effect capable of creating a perfect balance between ancient aesthetics and modern design. A further answer offered by Damast to those who want a bathroom in complete retro style, but also to those who want to revisit their furniture by expertly mixing the elements, for a captivating dialogue between antique style and modernity.

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