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Column shower set

It is a column that develops in height along the wall of the room and ends with a shower head positioned at least 2 meters high to allow full use of the water jet, completely enveloping the body.

The column section can be round or square, from a minimum of 18 mm to a maximum of 32 mm, and can be presented with a fixed rod or with a telescopic rod (in version), or with the possibility of adjusting the upper part of the rod itself in height, from a minimum of 90 cm to a maximum of 130 cm

The column diverter, when present, can be a button, a mechanical device that also uses water pressure for its optimal operation, or a lever. The simple rotation of the lever allows a more effective deviation even in the presence of low pressure.

The shower column ends with a round, square or rectangular shower head which can be in brass, steel or abs of various sizes.

They can also be equipped with a hand shower complete with silicone, pvc or steel hose resting on a sliding support that allows height adjustment. Some columns are equipped with soap dishes.

The showers can be made of brass, stainless steel or abs and can be single-jet or with two or more jets.

They are equipped with technologies that allow you to save water supply and are defined as water saving and air system.

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Column Shower Set

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