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DamastExperience between territory, industry and art


On Friday 21 June, Damast, a novarese company founded in 2000 and specialized in the design, production and marketing of functional systems for the shower, opened its doors to the press for the first time with a “Press Day” at its headquarters in Via Barro 159.

A large delegation of journalists was led by the CEO Concetta Mastrolia and by the Marketing Manager Giuseppe Reale in an engaging #DamastExperience, a path between industry, contemporary art and the territory. A way to get to know an enterprising and dynamic company up close, always attentive to innovation and sustainability, with an eye to the area where it was born and raised – that of Cusio, already home to the Tap and Fittings District.
The day opened with a visit to the production center, which was able to win the attention and interest of journalists, also reserving pleasant “surprises”: the 25,000 m of surface area houses the factories dedicated to production, assembly, quality control , a showroom exhibition; and again the office building, the nerve center of the company and its internal Style Center and two large logistics warehouses. The individual plants are connected by a covered “umbilical cord” that unites and also symbolizes the synergy between production and know-how, tradition and innovation.

Guests were also able to admire the luxuriant green lung of 2,500 square meters, consisting of an orchard and a park planted with trees, hedges and ornamental greenery. Another pleasant discovery is the library and multipurpose room which hosts exhibitions, events, installations, the perfect meeting place between the world of Damast #showers, design and the great passion for art that pervades the company.

And this last space was the setting for a long-awaited moment entitled “The passion for art is at home here”, i.e. the presentation of the exclusive exhibition “Maurizio Galimberti for Damast: intuition, emotion, art photography”. Nine precious black and white works made with the snapshot photographic mosaic technique, the unmistakable trademark of the artist, Ambassador of Fuji Italia, recognized as one of the most successful photographers on the national and international scene. 

Making the moment even more important was the presence of the author himself, who introduced the collaboration with the company and told those present how the lines, shapes and unmistakable design of hand showers and Damast showerheads have become of the “inspiring muses” for his photographic shots. “I interpreted the Damast products with the photographic mosaic of snapshots – declared Maurizio Galimberti – and with a technology that allows me to get very close to the subject and enter into the details, making photography pure and direct, the result of natural light. The result is dynamic images, a particular vision outside the canonical standards of industrial photography, contaminated by my inspiration from futurism and by the techniques of the German Bauhaus school of architecture. These nine works contain my vision of the Damast product and wish to communicate what is the key element for the company: water, expressed in its lightness and pleasantness through images that are also slender, light, agile”.

A special thanks to the journalists was expressed by Concetta Mastrolia, AD Damast, who underlined the importance of sharing ideas and visiting the company in an operational day of production, art and product. “For us at Damast it is very important to share moments like these – said Mastrolia – where the company not only presents its product, but also its thinking, mood, philosophy and mission, as well as the corporate structure itself with its staff. Confronting helps to grow and better understand the trends of the moment”. And again with regard to the corporate vision: “Damast has always been very close to the H (human) factor, both in product research, where it pays particular attention to ergonomics, materials and the theme of ‘Design for All’ which makes them suitable for everyone, both towards the sensitivity towards every form of contemporary art expression, which pervades our own corporate spaces to be admired and contemplated by its spectators”.

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