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TESEO: wall-mounted shower head with spray!


In the proposal of Damast for the bathroom there are many shower heads that offer two or three types of jets combined with each other but only one is … TESEO SHOWER HEAD

Solid and powerful, TESEO is the only wall-mounted shower head to be synonymous with nebulization, because it is able to propose three water outlet modes according to the user’s desire: cascade jet; Traditional jet and spray jet.

What is it? Fixed to the wall thanks to an ergonomic shape and a panel structure, TESEO is the only shower head capable of producing a jet of nebulized water, or with a “fog effect” similar to that offered by the most structured Spas. By releasing thousands of drops of water, it gives a beneficial effect to the body and may be able to both refresh and “warm it up”. It does not waste water, does not waste shower gel, does not dry the skin … the nebulization of Teseo offers a pleasant experience in the shower, transforming the atmosphere and the climate into a moment of pure well-being.

The structure of TESEO is made of stainless steel, in a chrome mirror finish and has important dimensions: 555 mm long by 300 mm high and 40 mm thick. The shower head is equipped with 140 holes protected by flexible silicone nozzles equipped with Easy Clean device, to ensure easy removal of limescale deposits.

TESEO has also developed an important technology, which represents its second added value. Being a panel it is able to transform an old system either with a single way, or a classic two-way one with hand shower and shower head, into a modern three-way shower head because it is equipped with a push-button diverter. It is therefore proposed as an ideal solution even in the case of renovations. 

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